New Brighton Regeneration Project

The New Brighton Regeneration Project is a series of projects aimed at revitalising Christchurch’s famous surfing seaside suburb.  Building on Christchurch City Council’s 2015 New Brighton Suburban Centre Masterplan, DCL has joined conversations that have been taking place in the community for some time.

The project includes the delivery of the Christchurch Hot Pools, Beachside Playground (opened December 2017), public realm improvements and exploring residential opportunities surrounding the commercial core.  It also involves working with private landowners, businesses, investors and the community to successfully revitalise New Brighton’s commercial centre through a combination of new investment and development.

The future of New Brighton lies in its transformation into a leisure and recreation destination with boutique retail and hospitality offerings for residents and visitors alike, while preserving the strong community influences that make New Brighton unique.

DCL’s role is to connect potential investors with development opportunities so that the revitalisation of the commercial centre can take place.

Since the project launched in mid-2016, DCL has engaged with the community on significant components of the project.  This has included designs for the Beachside Playground and Christchurch Hot Pools.

For the latest information on the New Brighton Regeneration Project, please enquire about our New Brighton Regeneration Project Information Booklet, visit our library page here and our official Facebook page.