New Brighton Regeneration Project

A series of projects that aim to revitalise New Brighton’s foreshore and commercial core, attract new residents and visitors, and provide better public amenity are now pushing ahead. DCL is leading the New Brighton Regeneration Project with the backing of Christchurch City Council.

The New Brighton Regeneration Project encompasses the delivery of the Christchurch Hot Pools, the new Beachside Playground, and the revitalisation of the commercial core.

DCL has partnered with Select Evolution NZ (the company who created the Christchurch Adventure Park), to design the new Beachside Playground. The playground opened on 20 December 2017 and includes a mixture of wet and dry areas and play equipment, and features warm water.

We took on board the feedback we received as part of our engagement around the foreshore development in November 2017, and are worked to incorporate as many of the public’s ideas into the playground as possible. We  also participated in a collaborative workshop on the playground’s design, and time was spent with local schools to ensure the most important users have their say. Design concepts for the Beachside Playground were made available to the public mid-year, and we sought feedback from the community on the design.

We understand that building private sector confidence in New Brighton is crucial going forward. We are also working on a strategy to undertake major works related to improving streetscapes and public spaces under the 2015 Master Plan.

Alongside this work, DCL has been supporting community initiatives through its Creating Momentum grants fund. Imagination Station, The Good Shop, ARGO Co-Working scholarships, The Duke Festival of Surfing, the Canterbury Men’s Surfing Championship, the New Brighton Online website, and a project to revitalise Carnaby Lane have all been granted funding.

The New Brighton Suburban Centre Master Plan 2015 can be viewed at:

Please see our Library for a catalogue of updates and publications related to this project.