Who’s Doing What In Christchurch’s Regeneration?

Christchurch is going through a period of exciting transformation, with public sector agencies contributing to regeneration in ways reflecting their areas of expertise. While each agency differs in their tasks and responsibilities, we are all working together, with the community, towards the common goal of co-creating a renewed, vibrant and exciting Christchurch.

In regenerating our city, we recognise those who have gone before us, those who live here now and those who will live here in the future.

Together, Christchurch City Council, Regenerate Christchurch, Ōtākaro Limited, the Greater Christchurch Group and Development Christchurch Limited are building a better Christchurch. Descriptions of each agency and what they do are offered below:

Christchurch City Council

Christchurch City Council provides all the services and activities needed to keep the city running. Since the earthquakes, the Council has focused on getting popular community facilities back up and running, repairing the city’s earthquake-damaged roads and underground pipes, helping communities plan for the revitalisation of key suburban hubs, making sure our consenting and regulatory processes are helping the rebuild, and working with our partner agencies on the wider regeneration of our city and surrounding region.

Regenerate Christchurch

Established under the Greater Christchurch Regeneration Act 2016, Regenerate Christchurch is jointly owned and equally funded by the New Zealand Government and Christchurch City Council. With a strong focus on working with the community, iwi, and local businesses, Regenerate Christchurch was established to lead regeneration across the city. The organisation will initially focus on the Central City, New Brighton and the Residential Red Zone.

Building on its vision for a vibrant, thriving city – and working closely with the community – Regenerate Christchurch will develop or recommend plans for regeneration activities and strategies across the city. It will also provide expert, independent advice to the Minister supporting Greater Christchurch Regeneration, Council and its partner organisations.

Ōtākaro Limited

Wholly owned and funded by the New Zealand Government, Ōtākaro is the Crown’s agent for the delivery of key anchor projects and precincts, as well as the divestment of surplus Crown-owned land. The Christchurch Convention Centre, the Metro Sports Facility, Innovation Precinct, and Avon River Precinct are just some of the fantastic projects that Ōtākaro is taking a leading role in.

The delivery of these projects will encourage new investment in Christchurch, create new jobs and restore a sense of vitality and energy to the city’s cultural, business and sporting communities.

The Greater Christchurch Group

Sitting within the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, the Greater Christchurch Group was established to coordinate the New Zealand Government’s ongoing involvement in Christchurch’s regeneration. The group provides advice to Ministers around regeneration issues and reports to Government on the overall progress of Christchurch’s regeneration.

Development Christchurch Limited

Development Christchurch Limited (DCL) was established by the Christchurch City Council and is wholly owned by its commercial holdings company, Christchurch City Holdings Limited. DCL was established as a vehicle for the Council to engage commercially with investors and to advise on the implementation of the Council’s Suburban Master Plans. DCL’s mandate includes the provision of commercial and strategic advice to Council when required, and to act as the Council’s commercial lead on development projects.